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We understand the critical importance of safety. Since our inception, it has been our endeavor to develop a truly elite safety organization. McDonnel works constantly to maintain this elite status through a program that embodies all of the following:

  • Organizational culture of safety that starts at the top
  • Accident prevention, with a strong emphasis on training
  • Aggressive claims management that minimizes costs but includes the very best in medical care and rapid return to work objectives
  • Safety Reporting System that includes accountability at all levels of the organization
  • Safety Incentive System that recognizes and rewards safety excellence

The results speak for themselves and we are proud to list some of our most notable safety facts:

  • Experience Modification Rate (EMR) well below market average for the past 13 years
  • Full-time safety professionals and entire trained staff with unsurpassed safety experience
  • Strict and consistently enforced the Substance Abuse Program. Our written policy includes an employee education and awareness program, a supervisory training program, drug and alcohol testing of all employees, and an Employee Assistance Program

ZERO Claims Latent Defects, WaterInfiltration, Safety Incidents, & Zero Delays to Client Move In McDonnel has been engaged with Mosaic Engineering since our founding.

Receipient of the Louisiana Workforce Commission LaWorks Safe Award 4 Years & Counting
3,700+ Days Without Accidents

Safety Officer Tony Montalbano, Vice President of Field Operations, serves as our Corporate Safety Officer. His safety specific training is listed below:

  • OSHA 30-Hour Certified
  • OSHA Subpart L TRN 120
  • Certified Occupational Safety Specialist
  • Medic First Aid Training
  • Adult CPR Training
  • New Silica Standard for Construction
  • Supported Scaffold Safety & Compliance Training
  • Heat Illness Liability Issues- OSHA & ADA Regulations
  • Risk Control Website: Safety Resources 24/7
  • Controlling Soft Tissue Injuries in Construction

Tony Montalbano stresses that “before all else, safety is the number one priority.” We have developed an elite safety organization distinguished from our competitors, and it is built upon these drivers:

  • Culture of safety, starting at the top of the organization
  • Accident prevention with strong emphasis on training
  • Aggressive claims management, minimizing cost
  • The very best in medical care and rapid return to work initiatives
  • Safety reporting system, holding all levels of the organization accountable
  • The safety incentive system, rewarding safety excellent insight into our Safety Program

Zero Tolerance Policy:

  1. A first violation removes the individual from the site for the day.
  2. A second violation permanently removes the individual from all McDonnel projects.
  3. A third violation by the same company removes the foreman.
  • All McDonnel employees are empowered to immediately stop any unsafe act.
  • 3rd Party consultants conduct unannounced OSHA-like inspections, debrief, and training
  • Superintendents conduct daily project-wide evaluations.
  • Daily, morning safety briefings are held for all field staff. Staff is visibly evaluated for physical/mental condition prior to commencing work.

Job safety analysis forms and Hazard Management plans are also required each day prior to the start of work.

  • All subcontractors are required to have a full-time, fully competent person on-site to oversee work.
  • Any injury is reported using OSHA standards, and-recordable injuries are listed on the First Aid Log.
  • All Superintendents are OSHA-30 certified, and all other field staff is OSHA-10 certified.
  • Staff is incentivized with additional vacation days and team luncheons for having no incidents.
  • During Preconstruction, subcontractor policies are vetted for compliance to McDonnel & OSHA guidelines.
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